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The first rule in caring for any automotive wheels regardless of finish is to keep them clean. Generally speaking, from week to week during your Truck and Trailer wash cycle, it’s best to clean them with a soft brush, soap and/or mild degreaser or quality spray-on non caustic Wheel Cleaner. Avoid harsh or abrasive cleaners. Some cleaners are harsh and could damage your wheel finish. Also be aware that many Truck washes use strong chemicals to clean wheels and tyres that could cause damage to your wheel finish or even your automotive paint. NEVER CLEAN HOT WHEELS, allow wheels to cool or cool them with running water. Another important step is to seal your wheels with a sealant that will reduce static and resist brake dust, Wax available from Mesh# Accessories.

Protect your investment, clean your wheels regularly.Your Mesh# aftermarket wheels were manufactured in one of Three finishes:

  • Chrome (applied to either aluminium alloy or steel).
  • Polished Aluminium Alloy (no protective coating).
  • Two Pack Painted.

To better understand the specific care and maintenance of your wheels, determine which finish applies to your wheels from the list above. After determining what finish applies to your wheels, go to the section below for suggestions and instructions for the detailing, care, and maintenance of your Mesh# Wheels and Rims.

Aluminium or Steel Chrome Wheels & Rims

Aluminium or Steel wheels plated with chrome (metal) are beautiful and can significantly change the appearance of your truck or Trailer by attracting light to base areas of your vehicle. If maintained, the chrome finish will produce a brilliant shine. To reflect light, which produces the attractive brilliant finish, the wheels must be cleaned regularly. It’s best to clean them with a soft brush, soap and/or mild degreaser or quality non caustic spray-on Wheel Cleaner. Rinse thoroughly. After cleaning your wheels do not allow soap, chemicals or water to sit on the surface and produce water spots—dry your wheels with a soft, non-abrasive towel. As stated above, it is important to keep wheels clean, not allowing road film, contaminants and brake dust (which retain moisture) to accumulate and sit on the surface especially if vehicle is parted for extend periods of time or If you live in a coastal, wet or humid climate area where salt and/or moisture is in contact with your Chrome wheels, regular cleaning is even more important. Periodically, AutoKleen polish chrome wheels available from Mesh# Accessories, or some other quality non-abrasive chrome polish. For best results and to reduce cleaning efforts in the future, after polishing and/or cleaning, a hand-applied sealant product Wax available from Mesh# Accessories. to seal the surface—this should help avoid problems in the future and will reduce static so that your wheels are more resistant to brake dust.

Polished Aluminium Wheels

Polished aluminium wheels are very popular, however they do require more periodic maintenance than other finishes, depending upon the climate, road conditions and your vehicle Truck care practices in general. Polished aluminium alloy wheels require the highest degree of maintenance and a certain amount of oxidation is to be expected as the wheels naturally oxidize with age. Polished wheels can be re-polished commercially or by hand after many years of use, effectively restoring them to an almost factory original condition.

When new, coat your polished wheels with a quality, hand-applied sealant product Wax available from Mesh# Accessories. This coating will assist in preventative maintenance by resisting brake dust and other contaminants. When your polished aluminium wheels begin to lose their shine or are dirty with road film or brake dust, begin by cleaning them as instructed above. If you use a brush, be careful to avoid scratching the uncoated, polished aluminium alloy by using only a SOFT brush. Follow up by polishing them by hand with AutoKleen Polish available from Mesh# Accessories, or another quality metal or wheel polish. After polishing, coat them with Mesh# Accessories Wax according to instructions. If they are in bad condition, this will take some time, and polishing wheels is never an easy task.

For faster and perhaps easier results, use a Dermal-type tool polisher, with the correct polishing mini-pads. Just swab on AutoKleen Polish available from Mesh3 accessories, then buff them with the polishing tool. Mini power tool polishers will clean up and polish your wheels quickly, saving time and producing a brilliant shine.

If your wheels have deeply imbedded brake dust, animal urine or other contaminants from lack of maintenance, you can try an aggressive spray-on wheel cleaner (be careful, some contain acid) with a brush, BUT DO NOT ALLOW IT TO SIT ON THE SURFACE AND ETCH THE POLISH SURFACE. Rinse your wheels thoroughly and dry with soft, non-abrasive cloth. Polished wheels look great, but do require regular maintenance.

Paint Coated Wheels

Mesh# Accessories manufactures and imports many styles of Wheels & Rims that are supplied E-coated then finished with Japanese two pack enamel paint finish. The paint that we use is the same material that we use for the original equipment wheels we manufacture and impart. Your painted wheels should require only soap or a quality Wheel Cleaner product, water and a soft brush.

Failure to follow these Surface Maintenance guidelines may void any warranty claim for surface damage.



To the Original Purchaser,
All wheels and rims for warranty must be inspected at our warehouse by the ‘Product Control team’ at 88-90 Lara way Campbellfield Victoria 3061. Ph 03 8393 5870. a copy of your Original purchase invoice must be viewed and validated.

Local Melbourne customer.

A pre-arranged appointed time needs to be made for the inspection.

Country Vic or Interstate.

Any Wheels or Rims for warranty inspection would need to be returned to Mesh# Accessories, (address shown above) These wheels or rims would need to be shipped to Mesh# Accessories at the purchasers expense pre paid.
Once inspected by the Product Control team and the wheels or rims are covered by our warranty policy / replacement action would be discussed and issued.
Mesh# Accessories will not replace any products until a visual inspection is made by the Product Control team (at the said address above)
If the vehicle is not able to come in for inspection or wheels / rims sent to us for inspection, the purchaser is welcome to purchase replacement wheels or rims which would be dispatched at the purchasers expense.
Once inspected by the ‘Product Control team’ and the wheels or rims are covered by our warranty policy we will dispatch the replacement products them back to the purchaser at Mesh# Accessories cost. and a credit will be issued to the purchaser.
If the Wheels or rims are not covered by our warranty policy they will be returned to the purchaser at the receivers expense.
The maintenance of the surface finish is the responsibility of the purchaser, failure to follow the Service & Maintenance Manual attached will void the product finish warranty.

Service Manual

The following is the Warranty periods offered by Mesh Accessories Branded Wheels & Rims. In accordance with our company Terms and Conditions and listed Service Manuals, the warranty period starts from the date of manufacture stamped onto the wheel surface.

Original Painted Mesh# Wheels and Rims 2 year Pro-rata (M&D)
Chrome Plated Mesh# Wheel and Rims 1 year Pro-rata (Surface)
2 year Pro-rata (M&D)
Fully Forged Aluminium Mill and Polished Mesh# 5 year Pro Rata (M&D)
Fully Forged Aluminium Chrome Mesh# 2 year Pro-rata (Surface)
5 year Pro-rata (M&D)

Note: M&D = Manufacturing and Design Faults

Warranty Conditions: Mesh# Accessories will not replace or offer an adjustment for any wheel which has been misused for the purpose the wheel is designed for.
Incorrect Tyre Fitment as outlined in the current Tyre & Rim Association of Australia Standards Manual
Exceeding the Maximum applicable load as stamped onto the Mesh# wheel
Failing to maintain the surface finish in accordance to the Mesh# Accessories Service Manual.
Surface scratches, marks and surface blemishes resulting from wheel washing or commercial washes ‘acidic or alkaline corrosive chemicals, brushes, scoring pads.
Modifying the wheel appearance by drilling, welding or heating to repair or suit an application the wheel or rim is not in-tended for by design.
In service damage by way of impact, road accidents, abnormal or severe operating conditions, Incorrect tyre and wheel mounting practices, and tyre failure resulting in wheel flange damage.

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Performance Racing Pty Ltd trading as Mesh Accessories online will accept returns on full price purchases or faulty goods for refund only if a purchase is made through the online shopping cart. Performance Racing Pty Ltd trading as Mesh Accessories will not accept for return any goods which are incorrectly ordered, please discuss any fitment requirements prior to dispatch of order. In order to accept your return you must notify us by email at customercare@meshaccessories.com.au within 48 hours of receiving your merchandise that you require a return authorisation number (RAN)and specify the item which you would like to return and the reason why you wish to send it back. Once you receive an email with your (RAN) you must then follow the returns procedure which will be emailed to you as soon as possible. All faulty Goods must be returned to Performance Racing Pty Ltd trading as Mesh Accessories, complete with one package with all component parts (where applicable). Goods must be returned to Performance Racing Pty Ltd trading as Mesh Accessories within Fourteen (14) days after receipt of the Goods. Please enclose your (RAN), receipt and merchandise in a box and mail or Freight to: Performance Racing Pty Ltd trading as Mesh Accessories Online Returns, 88-90 Lara Way Campbellfield Victoria 3061.

All returned goods must be mailed by registered post, or delivered by a secure courier / Transport Company. Freight on all returned orders is at the Purchasers expense (pre-paid) a tracking number must be provided to Performance Racing Pty Ltd trading as Mesh Accessories for all items returned. Goods deemed faulty will be replaced free of additional freight charges. Refunds will not be provided for any returned Goods, unless replacement Goods are unavailable. Returned Goods will be inspected and any Goods that have been purposefully tampered with (including but not limited to Goods that have been mishandled; Goods that have had protective coating removed; and Goods that have been damaged by abuse, accident, corrosive environments, negligence or improper installation) will not qualify for exchange or credit. Performance Racing Pty Ltd trading as Mesh Accessories reserves the right to refuse any returned Goods that do not comply with Performance Racing Pty Ltd trading as Mesh Accessories return terms.

Refer also to Performance Racing Pty Ltd trading as Mesh Accessories Terms & Condition. The (RAN) must be written on the outside of the parcel / pallet otherwise it will not be accepted and will remain the property of the sender. Performance Racing Pty Ltd trading as Mesh Accessories is not obliged to refund the money.

We will notify you by email once your return has been received and processed. Of course we will endeavour to process your refund as quickly as possible, however please allow 5 - 12 business days for your refund to appear in your account or credit card statement. There are different policies for online purchases than there are for store purchases.

If you have questions about our in-store returns policy, please don't hesitate to contact us at customercare@meshaccessories.com.au and we will endeavour to help you in any way we can

All returns are addressed to:

Performance Racing Pty Ltd trading as Mesh Accessories

Online Returns

88-90 Lara Way

Campbellfield Victoria

3061, Australia

International Returns

In order to accept your return you must notify us by email at customercare@meshaccessories.com.au within 48 hours of receiving your merchandise that you require a return. Please specify the items you wish to return and the reasons why.

Return Guidelines:

Same Return rules apply except Merchandise must be returned within 7-10 business days and only by registered courier such as DHL with online tracking. Performance Racing Pty Ltd trading as Mesh Accessories will not accept merchandise which is returned by regular post from International Purchaser's.

Faulty Items

We take pride in our merchandise and thoroughly check each item on delivery to HQ and at the time of purchase however if you believe your item is faulty please follow the instructions below.

Faulty items are classified as faulty if they are received damaged, or where a manufacturing fault has occurred within a reasonable time frame.

Please note that items which have been damaged as a result of some wear and tear are not considered to be faulty. In accordance with Consumer laws, where possible, we will offer to repair faulty items. You will receive a full refund if the item cannot be repaired or replaced.

For all faulty queries which fall outside of our Returns Policy, please contact customercare@meshaccessories.com.au

Please note: This returns policy applies only to products purchased on the Performance Racing Pty Ltd trading as Mesh Accessories online store. If you have questions about our in-store returns policy, please don't hesitate to contact customercare@meshaccessories.com.au

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